The Management Team

For more than a decade, Clinica Antipolo has operated with a strong community orientation, a passion for service and a determination to alleviate human suffering brought on by ill health. Now, as it opens its doors in the new Clinica Antipolo Hospital and Wellness Center it aims to continue the legacy it started 13 years ago by bringing into its Management core a dedicated team of medical and non-medical professionals with proven track record in their field of expertise. Investors come from all walks of life, contributing talent and expertise in medicine, research, business, investment banking, legal practice, engineering and architecture, sales and retail operations, contracting services, resort management, corporate management, retirees, etc. This team contributes not only financial and logistical assistance but also serves as a feedback mechanism on latest trends in terms of client needs so that healthcare services become focused, efficient, effective and sustainable for both institution and client.

Leading the roster of medical specialists as Medical Director and Chief Executive Officer of Clinica Antipolo Hospital and Wellness Center Inc. is Dr. Dominador  SA.  Pedracio , a Gen. and Cancer Surgeon who has been practicing for more than 25 years and has served both public and private hospitals as Medical Director and Hospital Administrator. On the other hand, his wife of 26 years, Fara Carolina D. Pedracio is a Dietitian by profession, a masteral degree holder in Public Administration and is well on her way to a degree in Hospital Administration also from the University of the Philippines, has served Clinica Antipolo for the past 13 years as Administrator and Financial Officer. As the hospital continue to rise, it extends its invitation to more professionals who would find it in their hearts to touch other people’s lives through dedication, service, maximization of their God-given potentials and pursue health and wellness for Antipolo and its environs. The choices we make now shape our future and those of generations to come.